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Kelly & Associates has been servicing the Charter School Community since 2002. Kelly & Associates introduces healthcare solutions that meet the needs of the Board, the Administration, and Staff.

Since 2002, Kelly & Associates has worked with Pennsylvania and New Jersey Schools; serving as consultants, benefits advisors, or Board Members; and advising these institutions on an array of healthcare issues. This valuable experience has provided our firm a unique insight in to how Charter Schools operate.  Kelly & Associates are advocates of School Choice; Charter School Leaders lean on Kelly & Associates for its healthcare expertise, and guidance.

The landscape of healthcare has changed dramatically over the last five years. Organizations are looking for alternative options; alternatives that address costs and allow for strategic planning. Kelly & Associates can offer solutions that simultaneously meets these needs. Our solutions afford Charter Schools the opportunity to create their own plan designs, and give Schools the ability to access their claim data.  

Charter School Experience: Information
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